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Name: Kazuya
Age: 24
Race: Human (Unawoken Deity)
Height: 6'
Canon: Celveryia: Iridescent Illusion (original story)


Orphaned as a child following an attack on his village by monsters, Kazuya was taken in by a pirate captain and raised on the sea. Throughout his life, he had reoccuring dreams about a man known as Genbu, a deity figure from centuries ago that was said to have died in a war with a demon. As a young teen, he would eventually meet a silver-haired woman on one of the crew's travels who told him that he was the reincarnation of a fallen deity and was destined to find three others like him. She vanished before he had the chance to ask questions, leaving him to piece things together on his own.  As the years went on, Kazuya realized his dreams were memories- he was reliving the life of Genbu, from the start when the Cardinals were benevolent deities to their eventual madness to choose to wipe magic from the world. Kazuya witnessed the war with Lucifel with his own eyes, as well as Genbu's death to a six-eyed black demon.

Once of age, Kazuya separated from his foster family, choosing to travel the sea on his own. He would eventually be joined by a female levhad sailor named Mao and a young boy named Minori, the trio soon getting a reputation of being among the most dangerous pirates to sail the seas. They're "pirates" in name and rumor only, Kazuya only seeing themselves as ordinary sea farers that defend themselves when attacked. Kazuya would make an enemy out of pirate captain Velvet, who Kazuya expects to be the one to have started the rumors about his crew, making his mission to find the other three reborn Cardinals much more difficult.

Kazuya's crew would eventually expand with the additions of Kyofu, Ninette, Ryuko, Isamu and Yuyuko- the latter three being the other Cardinals Kazuya sought out.

Thanks to his life on the water, Kazuya has trouble sleeping if he can't hear the waves of the sea, which he refers to as his 'lullaby.'


Those who are capable of detecting magic would be able to detect that Kazuya is a highly skilled and powerful mage, and that Kazuya isn't all that he seems. He appears human for the most part, but there's a more powerful force at play, but it would be unable to be pinpointed.

Ice Magic- Kazuya specializes in Ice and Water magic, primarily using it defensively. He is extremely powerful and skilled in this type of magic thanks to his connection to Genbu.

Healing Magic- After his meeting with the mysterious girl Alruene, Kazuya gained the ability to use Light magic at a minor level and with it, he is able to wield Healing magic. As with all Healing magic within Celveryia, if this magic is used to fully heal a wound, it will always leave a scar regardless of how small the injury was.

White Snake- After traversing a submerged labyrinth, Kazuya discovered a man sealed within the center pillar of the ruin. After slaying the guardian of the labyrinth, Kazuya freed the man known as Kyofu, who he gained a spiritual connection with after defeating the guardian. Now part golem, Kyofu acts as a protector to Kazuya, and is able to enhance the power of Kazuya's strength and magic as long as they are near each other.

Flute- Kazuya is a skilled flute player. He can channel his magic to give the flute special abilities, which include harming those within close proximity to him or even lulling those who hear it to sleep.


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